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„European Labour Studies“ – Course Programme

Since European Labour Studies forms an integrated part of the Master of Social Policy, international MEST-students can choose from a variety of courses of interdisciplinary scope covering political science, sociology, economics, law and public health. The courses offered are designed to address theory and empirics of labour market dynamics and labour relations in a comparative perspective. The seminar on “European Labour Studies and Comparative Employment Relations” is compulsory for all German and international MEST students. Apart from that, international students can choose from a number of courses in coordination with their national programme coordinator. The presented courses are held in English. In addition, all courses offered in the MA programme Social Policy in German in the fields of policies, governance, organization, management, social policy and the welfare state are also open to international students. Finally, all other courses and lectures that form part of the Bremen University teaching programme are also open to ERASMUS-students. Whether courses from other departments can be accredited towards the MEST study programme needs to be agreed upon with the national programme coordinator. Important to know :

  • Teaching at Bremen University for the summer term usually starts in the beginning or middle of April and runs until mid-July.Retour ligne manuel
  • In the summer term, coursework is usually organized in small groups (5 to 15 students) in form of a seminar, which requires intensive reading, active student participation, presenting a paper and/or writing an essay. Big lectures with written exams are the exception.
Reference Title Teacher(s) Language Credits Exchange term Description
/ „European Labour Studies“ – Course Programme / / / Know more
M6 Global developments in long-term care Lorraine Frisinia English 3 or 6 credits / /
M4b The diffusion of education policy Fabian Besche English 6 credits / /
M6 Causal mechanims and the global dynamics of social policy Johanna Kuhlmann English 3 or 6 credits / /
M5 Inequality in education Helen Seitzer English 3 or 6 credits / /
M6Policies (European Labour Studies) European Labour Studies and Comparative Employment Relations Anna Hokema English 3 or 6 credits / Know more
M6Policies (European Labour Studies) Inequalities in the Labour Markets - a comparative approach Irene Dingeldey English 3 or 6 credits / Know more
M4a Governance Global Health Politics Sebastian Haunss English 3 or 6 credits / Know more
M5 Public opinion and Social welfare policies - theory and models Nate Breznau English 3 or 6 credits / Know more

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