European Labour Studies and Industrial Relations form an integrated part of our teaching programme. Teaching thereby is organised around the Master Social Policy programme (http://en.zes.uni-bremen.de/ccm/navigation/master-sozialpolitik/), which covers courses on welfare state developments, civil society and labour market policies, among others.

With its genuine comparative and international approach the Master of Social Policy programme is taught bilingually in English and German with guest scientists involved in a substantial part of teaching. The programme also benefits from the intense European and international exchange of the ZeS and its partner institutions.

Important to know :

  • Teaching at BremenUniversityfor the summer term usually starts in the beginning or middle of Apriland runs until mid-July. To complete the exams international students are advised to stay until August.
  • In the summer term, coursework is usually organized in small groups (5 to 15 students) in form of a seminar, which requires intensive reading, active student participation, presenting a paper and/or writing an essay. Big lectures with written exams are the exception.

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