Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona


Brief history

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was founded in 1968. The founders aimed to establish four principles of autonomy : freedom to select teaching staff, admission available to all students (but with a limited number), freedom to create its own study plans and freedom to administrate the University’s capital. It is therefore a young university, but in its short history it has moved forward at a rapid pace.

The UAB in figures

UAB at a glance (2009/10) :

  • 28,283 undergraduate students 4,620 graduates (2008/09) 5,084 master’s degree and doctoral students
  • 9,377 continuing education students (2008/09) 4,051 undergraduate international students 1,817 postgraduate international students
  • 78 undergraduate courses 125 official master’s degrees 75 doctoral programmes
  • 679 continuing education programmes (2008/09) 465 PhD dissertations 1,114,509 books in its libraries
  • 3,566 teaching and research staff 2,399 administration and services staff
  • 341.20 millon euros initial budget approved for 2010

UAB’s structure includes three campuses, all in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and its outskirts.

  • Bellaterra : a large campus for teaching and research The main UAB campus, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, is home to most of our faculties, departments, institutes and services, as well as to a significant scientific and technological cluster. The Bellaterra campus is also home to the UAB Research Park, a group of centres and specific partner research institutes created to meet the specific needs for important fields of research.
  • Sabadell : committed to technology, business and health Sabadell, along with the Bellaterra campus, is the home to the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Parc Taulí Teaching Unit (from the Faculty of Medicine).
  • Barcelona : a new Health Sciences campus Three of the six teaching units of the Faculty of Medicine are located in Barcelona :
    • - Sant Pau Teaching Unit
    • - Vall d’Hebron Teaching Unit
    • - Hospital del Mar Teaching Unit Moreover, Badalona hosts the Teaching Unit Germans Trias i Pujol.

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