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[The most Mest courses are actually offered during the 1st semester in UVA.

The offer for the second term is limited to only 2 courses in the Sociology programme (Master in Sociology track in Comparative and Organization and Labour Studies — COLS) with contact hours in February and March :

European Welfare States, (6EC]
Sociology Policy and the Politics (In)equality (6EC) (February March)

in 2020, the programme can be completed with the following 2 courses in the law programme (Master in European and International Labour Law)

EU Migration law : forced and unforced migration to the EU (6EC) (February March)
EU Migration law : free movement of persons witjhin the eu (6EC) (February March)

Reference Title Teacher(s) Language Credits Exchange term Description
14759 European Welfare States prof. dr. P.T. de Beer (coördinator) / 6 Credits / Know more

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