For the student, admission to the programme automatically implies that he or she will spend the first semester in one institution and be accepted by another, in a different country, for the second semester.

As for languages, sufficient knowledge of two of the MEST Consortium languages is a criterion for determining admission and mobility. Language capacities must be demonstrated in the application, with certificates :

  • competence in the language of the first semester should at least be equivalent to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) ;
  • competence in the language of the second semester should at least be equivalent to level B2 (students have access to free-of-charge language courses during the first semester to reach the level C1 before leaving for the second semester in the second language).

The organisation of student placements for the second semester is based on :

  • the number of places available at each institution ;
  • the distribution of those places, decided collectively, among all institutions ;
  • the selection of students according to their language skills and their motivation.

Professional perspectives

MEST prepares students to work in an international environment with responsible positions in :

  • human resource management in multinational companies with European operations ;
  • project-leadership and management of regional, national and supra-national employment policies within political organisations and public or semi-public
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