Admission criteria have been jointly defined by the Consortium. To ensure quality as well as equivalence of requirements across the network, a basic set of common criteria has been set up.
Admission is restricted to students who meet all the following conditions:

  •  Candidate students should apply to the university from which they want to obtain the degree ;
  • All students from the programme have the opportunity to participate in exchanges”. 
  • proficiency in the two languages in which they will be studying ;
  • ability to explain and justify their reasons for wanting to undertake the MEST programme and their motivation for choosing to work in this area in the chosen destinations.

Students must also be willing to attend the programme in two institutions of the Consortium in different countries.

Professional perspectives

MEST prepares students to work in an international environment with responsible positions in :

  • human resource management in multinational companies with European operations ;
  • project-leadership and management of regional, national and supra-national employment policies within political organisations and public or semi-public
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