Our research programme builds on the strengths, research track-record and interests of members of the Group and also connects with major issues in business and society in Ireland and Europe.

Changing HR Strategy

A programme of research has been launched on the making and implementation of HR strategies in companies, with a particular focus on HR strategies in knowledge-intensive industries. This programme will be developed through the formation of a consortium of HR managers in significant companies, who will act as a source of advice and guidance for researchers on current and emerging challenges, and who will also facilitate access for fieldwork. 

HR Strategy and Public Service Modernization

Public services in Ireland and internationally are undergoing profound change and modernization, with major implications for human resource management and the conduct of industrial relations. Little systematic research has been conducted in this area in Ireland, and a major opportunity exists for researchers in the Group to make a significant contribution to knowledge and innovation in the area.

Public Policy, Governance in the Domains of Work and Employment

Members of the Group have undertaken research in various areas geared to the formation of evidence-based public policy. A research programme in this area will focus on such themes as the regulation of work and employment, social partnership and new social pacts, and Europeanization and its effects on trends in work and employment.

Employee Voice and Workplace Partnership

Members of the Group have undertaken research in a range of areas concerned with voice mechanisms and with partnership in the workplace ; as shown by the publication of Partnership at Work. The Quest for Radical Organizational Change. A research programme in this area will focus on voice mechanisms, the changing circumstances and strategies of trade unions, developments in dispute resolution and advent and effects of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Forms of workplace involvement, partnership and their effects and information and consultation practices.

Global and European Trade Union Strategies

The Group hosts an International Research Network on European Trade Union Strategies and includes members with wide-ranging research interests in European trade unionism, public policy, international political economy, labour migration, democratic theory, and international and comparative employment relations ; as shown by the publication of European Unions. Labor’s Quest for a Transnational Democracy.

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