The local MEST-coordinator is Professor Katrin Muehlfeld. Moreover, Ms. Xenia Schmidt is the assisting coordinator and Ms. Inge Jansen runs the secretary’s office for the MEST programme. Ms. Inge Jansen and Ms. Xenia Schmidt will gladly assist you with any further questions.
You can also find information on our webpage.

Local MEST-coordinator
Prof. Dr. Katrin Muehlfeld
Office number C 422
Tel. : +49 (0)651 - 201 2682
E-Mail : muehlfeld(at)

Assisting coordinator
Ms. Xenia Schmidt
Office number C426
Tel. : (+49)(0)651-201-2686
E-Mail : schmidtx(at)

Secretary’s office
Ms. Inge Jansen
Office number C421
Tel. : (+49)(0)651-201-2681
Fax : (+49)(0)651-201-3932
E-Mail : janseni(at)

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