Pratical Information

Pratical Information


Housing :

  • The College of Social Science will apply for student housing at the UvA Housing Department, but we cannot guarantee a room. Students will be informed on housing by the Erasmus Coordinator approximately 2 months before the start of the programme. The rented period of the student accommodation is linked to the semester period. 
  • Accepted students receive an Information Package from the Undergraduate Certificate Programme approximately 2 months before the start of the programme. The Information package contains practical information on studying in the UCP, course registration material and information on Dutch language courses at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
  • The Office for International Student Affairs sends all students the UvA START Magazine, including practical information and information regarding the UvA Introduction week for international students. 

Orientation period :

  • The Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Undergraduate Certificate Programme in Humanities and Social Sciences organise an introduction period for international students and several orientation meetings at the start of each semester.


More information is available on and the UCP website


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