Comparative employment relations

The course on Comparative Industrial Relations – 6 ECTS – provides an advanced introduction to the broad field of employment and
industrial relations in a comparative perspective.
By employment and industrial relations we mean any kind of interaction between employers, workers, their collective organisations and
the state, as well as other national or supranational institutions, aimed at dealing with and regulating all aspects of the employment
relationship in contemporary societies.
Topics will include : - studying industrial relations comparatively ; - an introductory scheme : context, actors, methods, rules ; - the organization of interests : problems of representation and organizational dilemmas ; - patterns of industrial relations in different European and non-European countries ; - industrial relations in a multi-level perspective ; - the development of intermediate and territorial levels of industrial relations ; - European integration and the development of IR at the European level ; - multinational companies and the development of supranational/ international industrial relations ;

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