Global Health Politics

Description of the course : Global Health Politics

In most countries of the Global North access to medicines is taken for granted. More or less functioning health systems usually guarantee that sick people will get the medication they need. But in large parts of the Global South access to medicines is still an unsolved problem with grave social consequences.
The causes for this problem are manyfold and include poverty, limited governance capabilities, lack of infrastructure, and global trade rules that create additional obstacles to the availability of affordable medication.

The course will examine this problem of access to medicines in countries of the Global South.
It will introduce the international organizations and institutions responsible for health governance on a global scale, as ell as the most important economic and civil society actors. A special focus lies on the contentious mobilization about access to essential medicines to fight the AIDS epidemic in subsaharan Africa and southeast Asia.

In this context the course will look especially at the role intellectual property rights play in this conflict.

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