Human resource Management

Objectives and competences :
The purpose of this course is twofold : firstly, to familiarize students with the complexity of the human resources function, and secondly, to enable the strategic conceptualization and the strategic regulation of these functions on the basis of comparative analysis of staffing flows in both, the internal and external labor market, strategic thinking, professionalism, addressing the uncertainty, analytical skills, communication skills.

Contents of the course :
The subject builds on the knowledge of basic concepts that are acquired in the Personnel Management Course. The human resource management problems are studied in depth at a higher level of complexity through addressing strategic dilemmas, strategies and staffing models. Taking this perspective, we address issues such as the position and role of human resource management strategies in organizations, the implementation of human resources tasks with the organisation’s own experts or with outsourcing ; the management of human resources and division of labour among experts, specialists and leaders ; the focus on internal or external labour markets ; regulation of relationships between the organization, management and employees ; forms and methods of communication with employees, of their influence and rewards, etc.. Methods of work : lectures with discussion, group work, team projects, focusing on selected organizations, and presentation of project results.

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