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  • The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the largest members of the University of Ljubljana with over 5,100 students and more that 30 undergraduate and graduate programs in political science, sociology, communication science and cultural studies. The Institute of Social Sciences, with its 17 research centers is organized within the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences prepares its students for professional careers in competitive environments. The courses are designed to increase intercultural understanding of the contemporary world and encourage international cooperation. In this spirit, the Faculty of Social Sciences offers instruction and conducts research in English, French, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and Russian.
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences, housed in a modern facility with state of the art lecture rooms, provides a distinguished and creative academic setting with ample opportunities for prospective students to choose from a variety of specialized programs under expert faculty guidance, it has foreign students office and provides students tutorship. Courses are dealing with diverse aspects of contemporary society, including social processes and institutions, politics, communication, and culture.
  • The Faculty consists of four departments : Sociology, Political Science, Communication, and Cultural Studies. Each department is further divided into specialized academic units whose chairs are members of the Faculty Senate, the permanent governing board of the faculty. The chairs are : Chair of Theoretical Sociology, Chair of Human Resources and Social Management, Chair of Informatics and Methodology, Chair of Theoretical Political Science, Chair of Policy Analysis and Public Administration, Chair of International Relations, Chair of Defence Studies, Chair of Media Studies, Chair of Journalism, Chair of Marketing Communications, Chair of Cultural Studies and Chair of Foreign languages.
  • There are 17 research centres within the framework of the Institute of Social Sciences, which initiate and conduct basic applied and developmental research projects in the social sciences.
  • These centres execute about 80 research projects annually, funded partly by the State and partly by contracts with other organizations or institutions.

MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail
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