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  1. Academic Calendar
  • Semester One Begin of October to mid-January
  • Semester Two Mid February to end of May
  • Winterexamination period Mid January to February
  • Summer holidays Begin of July to end of Augustus
  • Summer examination period Begin of June to befin of July


2. Learning Agreement

  • A learning agreement is an agreeement between incomin students and the host institution ; The students selects the subjects the wich to study in consultation with their academic advisor at the home institution. The draft proposal is then sent to Ljubljana with the application form.
  • The option the student has selected is then considered on the basis of availability and the student’s ability and academic background.
  • A decision is then forwarded to the student and, if both sides agree, the document is considered as a contract. However, departments may withdraw their courses at any time before the beginning of the study period. 


3. Office of International Co-operation

Postal address :

faculty of Social Sciences

Office of International Co-operation

Kardeljeva ploscad 5




Ms. Neli Dime

Telephone : +386 1 58 05 305

Switchboard : +386 1 58 05 100

Fax : +386 1 58 05 102

E-mail : neli.dime fdv.uni-lj.si






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