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 3. Housing

The are two main accommodation possibilities :

  • to rent a private room or apartment (check local newspapers and real-estate agencies) ;
  • to rent a room managed by the student residence halls

The International Office of the University of Ljubljana can help students by providing rooms in student residence halls. However, due to the shortage of rooms the cannot always provide a bed for everyone.

All the rooms in the student residence ahlls are double rooms. They are furnished and have a shared kitchen and bathroom . (studen.office uni-lj.si)


Students may enquire at the following address about leasing a room or flat :


SOU - University Student Organisation

m2 - free accomodation search service

Kersnikov 4

1000 Ljubljana



+386 438-03-20

+386 5 373-999



Since it is harder to find suitable rooms at reasonable prices in September and october it is recommended that students rent a room or apartment a few months in advance.


Temporary accommodation can be found at some hotels and cheaper hotels. For information and bookings, contact the addresses listed below :

Hostel CELICA www.souhostel.coù

Hotel PARK www.tabor.si

Youth Hostel Ljubljana (BIT Center) www.yh-ljubljazna.com

Preoncisca Bezigrad www.prenocisca-bezigrad.com






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