Un outil pour l’avenir - MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail Un outil pour l’avenir - MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail

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  • The University of Warwick is located on the outskirts of the City of Coventry and has good transport links to London (one hour by train) and Birmingham. The University was established in 1965 and quickly gained a reputation for academic excellence. The MEST programme at Warwick is delivered by staff in the Organisation and Human Resource Management group within the Warwick Business School (WBS). WBS is acknowledged internationally as a leading centre for the study of employment relations and organisations. Our faculty write the books and articles on other institutions’ reading lists. We are at the forefront of international research and are also engaged practically. 
  • Industrial relations research in the UK has been significantly shaped by academics from the OHRM (former IROB - Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour). The Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU) is world renowned for its historic and continuing leading role in the analysis of industrial relations through theoretically informed, empirical enquiry. A major focus of the present phase of the Unit’s research programme is international employment relations, with a strong emphasis on comparative, and especially European issues. IRRU carries out National Expert roles for the European Industrial Relations Observatory. Recent research grants include studies of multinationals and the employment policies of their subsidiaries in the UK, as well as the impact on multinationals on industrial relations in Eastern and Central Europe. IRRU has a flourishing seminar series and regularly receives international visiting scholars.

MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail
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