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  • Trier is Germany´s oldest city and placed in the heart of Europe next to Luxembourg, close to Metz and Nancy, but also not far from Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt and Strasbourg. With about 100,000 inhabitants, Trier does not rank amongst Germany’s larger cities, but it is a lively and intriguing place. The University of Trier is one of Rhineland-Palatinate’s oldest and – at the same time – youngest universities. A University of Trier was first founded in 1473, but like other German universities located west of the Rhine it was closed by Napoleon in 1798. In 1970, a new university was founded in Trier with a strong focus on the social sciences, economics, arts and the humanities.
  • Today, more than 14,600 Students with about 12% international Students from more than 20 countries study at the University of Trier. The University consists of 6 faculties.All faculties and supporting facilities are in close proximity to each other. What is more, the university’s scenic environment creates a serene and personal atmosphere on campus. The balance between research and teaching, the university’s increasing internationalization, as well as the easy accessibility of the teaching staff, make the University of Trier stand out in comparison to other and larger German universities.
  • The Social Sciences, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences all belong to one faculty, fostering interdisciplinary exchange. Since 1993 the University of Trier is member of the MEST network.


MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail
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