Un outil pour l’avenir - MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail Un outil pour l’avenir - MEST  - Master Européen en Sciences du Travail

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  • Incoming and outgoing EMLS students will be part of our MSc. in Human Resource Management programme. The MSc (HRM) is a specialist postgraduate qualification that prepares students for careers in public and private sector organisations, employers’ associations, trade unions, and within the research, consultancy and teaching professions.
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management are subjects in both the UCD Smurfit School executive and full-time MBA programmes, the Higher Diploma in Business Studies and also in the Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE) Degree.
  • The Industrial Relations and Human Resources Group also provides undergraduate courses in the Bachelor of Commerce, Commerce International, and Commerce and Legal Studies Degrees of the UCD Quinn School of Business.
  • The Group also initiated the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) programme. This programme is a distance education initiative attracting mature students from the world of work, provided in collaboration with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC).
  • Finally, the Group operates attractive research degree programmes, through the UCD Smurfit School’s Doctoral Studies (PhD) and Research Masters (MPhil) degrees

MEST  - Master Europ�en en Sciences du Travail
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