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The University of Ljubljana


  • The University of Ljublana was established in 1919 on the foundations of a long established pedagogical tradition that can already be recognized in the 16th century when Jesuits established a silid education system.


  • The university of Ljubljana has a rich tradition. With its 44.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students participating in over 150 undergraduate and 160 postgraduate programs, it is ranked among the largwest universities in the world. A total of 22 faculties, 3 art academies and 1 university college employ aproximately 3.700 full-time university teaching staff, assisted by nearly 2.300 technical and administrative staff. At the University of Ljubljana, candidates may select from among numerous humanistic, artistic, natural science, technical, mucal, medical and several interdisciplinary study programmes. Everyone is sure to find something to suit his or her personal interests, career interests and life objectives.
  • Through its higher education professional programmes (shorter) , the University of Ljubljana offers good opportunities to all those desiring to deepen their pratical knowledge and those wishing to obtain employment as soon as possible. The (longer) university programmes offer students a rich foundation of knowledge, qualifying them for the most demanding work on the labour market.
  • The postgraduate study (specialisation, master’s or doctoral studies) is the path to deeper knowledge of a particular, often narrowly oriented area of particular interest to the candidate or perhaps the company inter where he or she intends to work. It is also often the route to becoming established in the academic and scientific-research fields.
  •  From2009/2010 all the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate progarmmes are designed and carried out in line with the Bologna process. The University of Ljubljana is embedded in various European networks and has agreements with a lot of European universities. It practices basic, applied and development research, striving for excellence and quality of the highest standard in all fields of science and arts. The University of Ljubljana Career Centre also offers career guidence for its students and employees.
  • Nearly one-fifth of Ljublana`s inhabitants are students, which gives a city a young and lively character.




MEST  - Master Europ�en en Sciences du Travail
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