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Employment and Organisations

Employment relations and Organisational Behaviour Group

  •  LSE has a long and proud tradition in the study of employment and organisations. More than a century ago, two of LSE’s founders, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, pioneered the first great social science studies of the labour and management problems of their day. They did so in the belief that efficient management and social justice went hand in hand. These two principles lie at the heart of our subject. Modern high performance work systems function best when employees believe they are being treated fairly. For highly qualified workers with skills that are in strong demand, it is often possible to achieve a fair deal by individual negotiation. However, for a great many others, achieving a fair deal depends on a framework of employment law and on collective representation, for example, through works councils or trade unions. These frameworks play a key role in the success or otherwise of different human resources (HR) policies.
  • Our graduate degrees embrace not only strategy and policy within the firm but also the national and international regulation that shapes the relationship between managers and workers around the world. We encourage our students to develop a critical approach and to value rigorous empirical research. Good empirical research requires clear concepts and a mastery of the relevant theory and knowledge. We want our students to develop an intellectual confidence and independence of judgement to enable them to deal with difficult employment issues.
  • The high quality of our research and training is demonstrated by the excellent results we achieved in the government’s Research Assessment Exercise in 2008.
  • Our subject lies at the intersection of many social science disciplines : economics, sociology, psychology, organisational studies, law and political science. We have a particular strength in comparative analysis that is nourished by the international training of our academic colleagues and by the large number of different nationalities among our students.
  • EROB has strong links with the human resource management profession as one of the few designated Centres of Excellence of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Many of our former students now occupy leading positions in human resource management and consultancy and are enthusiastic supporters of the Group and our current students.
  • The Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group| is based within the Department of Management.
  • Further information can be found on our website : http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/EROB/.

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