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Education programme

The HR and knowledge Management Masters programme

The Human Resource and Knowlede Management Masters Programme


  • The last two decades have seen many changes in Slovenia.
  • It has introduced a market economy based on private capital principls, a large part of the economy has been transformed and diverted to the global market, public services and the public administration have been transformed while the country has become a memberr of the European Union which lays particular stress on human resource development, formation of the knowledge society and the rule of law.
  • These changes pose many new challenges for organisations an thier managmeent in terms of relations between management and administration boards and their supervisory committees, relations between employers and employees, property relations in organisations, the economic and social rights of employees, flexible adaptation for the labour market and to new forms and employement, recruitment, development and work with people. People are increasingly seen as the holders of knowledge and competencies, and as a strategic advantage or a hindering factor in organisational development. In addition, human resource development and forming of the knowledge society are becomin the tasks of every enterprise and public office where special services, such as employment offices, educational institutions and varioous advisory agencies, are increasingly in use.
  • The Human Resource and Knowledge Management Masters Programme provides students, experts and managers with the new, internationnaly comparable knowlede they require to successfully tackle these challenges.


MEST  - Master Europ�en en Sciences du Travail
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